Let me help you to build your website
the easy way!!

I have been helping people build their websites since 2012 with my easy to follow Youtube tutorials


What I do

With well over 7 years in creating free YouTube tutorials, I teach how to install and get started with web applications for non techies.

I Teach.

I teach non-techies how to get started on how to build websites fast. To get a one to one teaching lesson booked please contact me via contact form.

I Create.

As a Youtube Content Creator I make video tutorials that are easy to follow and easy to implement. You can also ask to make a bespoke video for your software.

I Help.

I offer consultancy on Web Hosting and web design for business startups or ready ongoing small businesses. To get started contact me to book a consultation.

Need advice?

You can contact me if you need any consultancy or advice to get started with your project.


I almost gave up the web design side of my business, but since Al gave me loads of useful resources and invaluable advice, things have been on the up ever since. My sites receive fantastic feedback from my clients.

Barrie Booker

Over 190 video tutorials and

over 860,000 views

With over 7 years of experience creating free

online tutorials, you can be sure that my videos are easy to use,

no tech jargon is used and are always going to be free!

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.