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Are you to busy to install, fix, migrate or setup WordPress for your business? OSC and AG Web Services can help.

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With well over 12 years of Opensource application management OSC and AG Web Services can install, fix and setup WordPress in no time


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OSC can offer a range of WordPress related services, from Installation, migration of a website to a different server and basic setup to get started. In the future we are looking to offer even more services like hosting and custom WordPress design and development.

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The prices below are only guides of what the costs might be, What is included are listed on the forms and  are not exclusively for the installation and or migration of wordpress CMS. No plugins and or templates are supplied on any services except on pre-made websites that includes opensource plugins and theme based on the project.

The Service below doesn’t NOT include any hosting, domain name, premium plugins, premium templates or any other extra work beside the one described in the What is Included Tab.

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These service are Installation, setup or migration only and does’t have any labour, hosting or domain name. This form is NOT a binding contract. By submitting this form you agree to OUR terms and conditions and understand that this is not a sale, but just an enquiry.

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